The attorney for accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse — who allegedly killed two Black Lives Matter protesters and wounding another on August 25 — is urging supporters of his client to “dust off” their “Second Amendment rights” to prevent China from stealing the election from President Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Beast:

“’Time to dust off those Second Amendment rights. Founders put it there for a very specific reason,’ attorney John Pierce tweeted Wednesday night.

“In another tweet, Pierce wrote, ‘Trump won in a landslide. The triad of Big Tech, mainstream media and the CCP is trying to steal it. Obvious. Do not let them. Do not give an inch. Fight over every single hedgerow. Nothing less than our freedom hangs in the balance.’ The post included hashtags: #FightBack, #TrumpWon and #1775.”

Pierce also posted two other tweets that seem to call for violence:

Pierce was asked if he was trying to foment a national uprising to defend Trump despite the fact that he clearly lost the election, the attorney responded:

“Of course not. Just metaphors.

“Our true enemy is the Chinese Communist Party. All Americans must unite together in this time of adversity as we always have. E Pluribus Unum. We are one family and one nation under God. We all must unite in peace and insist on free and fair elections.”

Pierce’s legal firm, Bainbridge Pierce, is reportedly millions of dollars in debt.

Rittenhouse, whose bail has been set at $2 million, has become a cause célèbre in right-wing circles. Pierce claims his legal-defense fund has raised over $2 million to get his client released from custody. A Christian crowdfunding site has also raised over $565,000 to benefit Rittenhouse.

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