In addition to already having an elaborate encirclement of walls and fencing around the White House perimeter to seemingly barricade himself inside, outgoing President Donald Trump appears to also be having a trench dug around it as well.

Of course, these are signs that Trump intends to refuse to leave the White House and will try to stay in power by force.

Just prior to Election Day, new “unscaleable” barriers were erected around the executive mansion and Lafayette Square in preparation for mass protests if Trump happened to win the race. Now that Trump has lost, it now seems the walls and fencing are meant to barricade himself inside so he can refuse to leave office.

Again, this is like a child locking themselves inside the bathroom and refusing to come out because they didn’t get their way.

Now Trump is going further as a trench is being dug outside the White House as well, sparking fears that Trump is preparing to withstand a siege if that’s what it takes to remove him. Some are speculating that the trench could even be for a moat, a body of water that once served as an additional exterior barrier around medieval castles.

One Twitter user opined that the trench is really a burn pit so that Trump can destroy documents ahead of his exit.

This is the part where it should be pointed out that destroying documents is illegal. There are literally acts of Congress that expressly forbid this practice from occurring. Also, Trump would be destroying evidence, which is also a crime.

Regardless of what purpose this trench serves, it is disturbing, especially since Trump appears hell bent on staying in power. His firing of several Pentagon officials, including the Secretary of Defense to install loyalists makes it appear that he is preparing to use the military to orchestrate a coup. All of this is authoritarian behavior that should not go unpunished. Trump and everyone around him should be held accountable one way or another for what they have done and for what they are doing. The White House bunker will not save Trump from being prosecuted, nor will fortifying it. Because once Biden takes the oath of office on January 20th he can order the military or law enforcement to kick down the bathroom door and drag the petulant child out kicking and screaming.

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