Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is taking President Donald Trump’s election loss even harder than Trump himself, angrily declaring Friday on his show that the result of the 2020 presidential race is denying the incumbent “what is rightfully his.”

Dobbs was speaking with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), and he demanded that Nunes explain why the entire GOP isn’t defending Trump’s claims of rampant election fraud. Those claims, it should be noted, are not supported by any evidence and are nothing more than conspiracy theories.

The Fox host angrily told Nunes:

“You know, the president doesn’t want a statue erected to him. What he wants is a free and fair election and honest results

“And it’s being denied to him. It’s outrageous, and what I — if I may — what I’d like to know is what in the hell is the Republican Party doing to defend and to, I mean, why not just say we’re not going to accept the results of this election? It’s outrageous.”

Nunes interjected and claimed Republicans can sign up at right-wing social media sites such as Parler and Rumble, but Dobbs was having none of it, getting more enraged as he told the congressman:

“Good lord, Congressman, you know, with all due respect, Congressman, and I respect the hell out of you, the pushing Parler and Rumble is not an answer to what I’m asking. You’ve got to have something to say and you’re on either one of those the, I’d hope there’d be more, I would hope there’d with more interest in the content than in the messenger.”

Once again, Nunes tried to calm Dobbs down, telling him, “I think we’re both saying the same thing here.”

That only infuriated Dobbs even more:

“What are you doing? What is the party doing to make certain it isn’t called? I see so little animation in the Republican Party on this. It’s as if it’s just another day at at the store. And when, in fact, I believe the fate of the republic hangs in the balance here. Don’t you?”

Nunes again mentioned Parler and Rumble, but his effort was once again met with hostility, with Dobbs declaring:

“This is an effort to intimidate. This is an attempt to take over the country and deny this president what is rightfully his, a second term.”

Take over the country? Really, Lou? The voters have spoken, and they clearly said they don’t want Donald Trump to be president for a second term. They have voted in record numbers and given Joe Biden a resounding electoral victory.

Lou Dobbs and the other conspiracy theorists who refuse to accept the result of the 2020 election have a choice to make: They can either accept the will of the American people or they can pack their bags and move elsewhere. No one will miss them if they choose the latter.

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