Outgoing President Donald Trump falsely declared wins in Pennsylvania and Georgia on Friday even though the election has already been called in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. And White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany doubled down by claiming that the only inauguration Trump will attend in January is his own.

Biden will be the rightful president starting at noon on January 20, 2021 whether Trump likes it or not. After all, further calls of Arizona and Georgia for Biden have brought his overall electoral vote count to 306, crushing Trump’s total of 232.

But McEnany appeared on Fox Business to insist that Trump will be the one who is inaugurated next year, similar to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo absurdly claiming earlier this week that the only “smooth transition” will be to a second Trump administration.

“I think the president will attend his own inauguration,” McEnany said. “He would have to be there, in fact.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

McEnany seems to be suggesting that Trump is planning his own inauguration ceremony separate from Biden’s, which is totally unprecedented and entirely inappropriate and illegitimate.

Just hours after his mouthpiece made her statement, Trump claimed that he’s the one who really won Pennsylvania and Georgia despite Biden leading in both states by thousands of votes in margins that Trump cannot overcome.

Twitter slapped disclaimers on both tweets, but it should also be pointed out that even if Trump were to somehow overturn the results in those states, Biden would still have exactly 270 electoral votes and victory. And it bears repeating that Republican observers were allowed to view the count in both states and Trump is lying about Georgia not checking signatures on ballots.

The bottom line is that Biden won this election and Trump LOST. He needs to get over it, pack up his sh*t, and get the hell out as soon as Biden is sworn in. Any attempt to stay in power will result in him being arrested, charged for trespassing, and dragged out of the White House, which I’m sure most Americans would enjoy seeing.

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