Update: The conference happened, we saw no viable path, and our preview and the commentary on Twitter were pretty spot-on. You can see the highlights here. Others may prefer to see the commentary in the original article below.

According to President Donald Trump, an “important news conference” at 12:00 P.M. this afternoon will feature information from his attorneys that presents a “viable path to victory” for him in the 2020 presidential race:

It should be noted that the 12 noon time is also when election officials in Georgia will announce the results of a hand recount of ballots that was conducted. However, Biden would still be the winner of the electoral college vote even if new totals from the Peach State suggest Trump won, which seems highly unlikely.

Most Twitter users were spectacularly unimpressed with the president’s “pieces” that are falling into place:

If the press conference features Rudy Giuliani, it might be worth watching for the comedy.

Featured Image Via Twitter