According to a Fox News host, the real reason for COVID restrictions put in place in some states during Thanksgiving has nothing do with saving lives and controlling the spread of the deadly disease. Instead, it’s all just a giant Marxist plot to “penetrate American families” and destroy the United States.

On Monday morning’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Rachel Campos-Duffy said people should ignore restrictions such as the ones instituted in Oregon by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) and do so in the name of “civil disobedience.”

“We are already violating all kinds of not just Thanksgiving rules, but apparently we are environmental terrorists, too, for having this too many children. There are many things that the Duffy family has violated. Look, they also turn people, their neighbors, in in China and in the Soviet Union. This is so un-American, and right now just keeping your family Thanksgiving tradition seems like an act of civil disobedience. I say the home is sacred, what we do inside of our homes is our business, and I want the government out of it.”

Apparently, Ms. Campos-Duffy isn’t up to date on history, because the Soviet Union hasn’t existed since 1991. Also, Americans were urged to turn in their neighbors, co-workers, and family members during the Red Scare of the 1950s, when fear of Communism led to the rise of Sen. Joe McCarthy.

Campos-Duffy then added this bit of lunacy:

“Believe me, big government, Marxism, this is one space they have been trying to penetrate for a long time, which are American families. I can tell you this, Brian, Ainsley and Steve, Americans care more about their grandmothers and their parents more than the government. They know how to take the right precautions to care for grandma whether it was — I know people self-quarantining ahead of Thanksgiving holidays. They are driving instead of flying. People know how to do this, and they don’t need the government or nosy neighbors turning them in.”

Yes, every parent or grandparent welcomes the idea of their family coming to visit them and give them a fatal disease. That way, as a Christmas present, they can provide a lavish funeral for their loved ones. How festive!

Rachel Campos-Duffy and the other conservatives who think like her are a death cult. They try to couch their radical ideas in buzzwords like “Marxism” and “freedom,” but all they offer is more death and disease.

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