Outgoing President Donald Trump has no dignity left, especially after a Thanksgiving Day temper tantrum he delivered while seated at what amounts to a kiddie version of the Oval Office desk.

One of the lasting images of Trump as president will be of him sitting at a tiny desk ranting about how he is the real winner of the election that he legitimately lost to President-Elect Joe Biden by a landslide, both in the popular vote and the electoral vote.

Indeed, Trump could have just wished Americans a happy holiday while standing at a podium or even just do it on Twitter and simply leave it at that, but he decided to once again humiliate himself in front of the cameras by sitting at a kiddie table screaming election fraud and lashing out at the media.

Trump even took to Twitter to whine afterwards because the mockery resulted in #DiaperDon trending across social media.

Here’s a taste of the mockery Trump brought upon himself.

Clearly, this little stunt backfired on Trump, who will forever be remembered as a 74-year-old toddler throwing a hissy fit at a tiny desk because he didn’t get his way on Election Day. Sad!

Featured Image: Twitter