In yet another clearly desperate attempt to delegitimize the 2020 Election results, outgoing President Donald Trump insisted that President-Elect Joe Biden cannot possibly have won because his Thanksgiving address was allegedly watched by few Americans.


Trump made the claim on Twitter citing his new favorite right-wing propaganda company OANN, declaring that Biden’s address was supposedly only viewed by a mere 1,000 people. To Trump, that means Biden could not have received 80 million votes to win the election.

Of course, Trump is lying as usual, something Americans won’t miss at all when he is finally out of office, whether he has to be dragged out or not.

The idea that Biden’s remarks were only viewed by 1,000 people is ludicrous. Clearly, a Trump supporter cherry-picked the view tally of a single video when it had only reached that particular number instead of waiting for the actual number, which is over 5 million combined on YouTube and Twitter.

Biden called for unity in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 260,000 Americans, a number that will surely rise because many Americans foolishly decided to gather in large groups for Thanksgiving festivities.

His remarks were presidential, whereas Trump’s Thanksgiving Day remarks amounted to a humiliating temper tantrum delivered behind a tiny desk.

Trump’s attempt to use ratings as proof that he somehow won the election drew mockery on Twitter.

For those of you keeping score, Trump has not only lost the election, he has lost 30+ lawsuits challenging the results and has been reduced to desperately insisting that Biden’s vote count can’t be real because of how many Americans watched a video. It’s pathetic.

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