Outgoing President Donald Trump paid $3 million for a recount in Wisconsin, only for President-Elect Joe Biden to increase his lead.

Trump lost Wisconsin by at least 20,000 votes, but he has been crying foul ever since, including a rant on Friday declaring that he will only leave the White House if Biden proves his popular vote total is legitimate.

What’s really ridiculous is Trump’s repeatedly debunked election fraud accusations, which have yet to hold up in court case after court case because he has not provided any evidence.

And that now includes Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, where Trump demanded and paid for a recount. If Trump thought paying for a recount would entitle him to a win, he will be sorely disappointed because it turns out that Biden is the one who picked up more votes, 132 votes to be exact.

“Milwaukee County concludes its recount of the presidential election — one of two counties where Trump sought a recount in Wisconsin,” the Washington Post reported. “The results: Biden’s lead, currently at about 20,000 statewide, grew by 132 votes.”

Trump did not have to request a recount, of course. He could have accepted the results since a 20,000 vote margin is all but impossible to overcome. In fact, this recount changed the vote total very little, just like other recounts in past elections.

Just how expensive was it for Trump to find 132 more votes for Biden? The Atlantic journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere did the math.

So, the Trump campaign is wasting money on recounts that are not going to change the overall results. The same was true in Georgia, and it’s true in Wisconsin. Election results are being or have been certified in the remaining battleground states where Trump has thrown Hail Mary passes. He should concede. If he refuses, Americans will get to enjoy watching him get dragged out on January 20th after Biden is sworn in as the duly elected 46th President of the United States.

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