Asked about the prospect of President Donald Trump running again in 2024, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris made it clear she doesn’t take the idea very seriously, which is certain to infuriate the notoriously thin-skinned Trump.

HuffPost notes that Harris was at a market in the nation’s capital over the weekend for Small Business Saturday when a reporter queried her about reports that Trump may well announce his plans to run for the White House as soon as the day she and President-elect Joe Biden are inaugurated:

“(Harris)enjoyed some comic relief Saturday when a reporter asked for her reaction to the possibility of Donald Trump running again for president in 2024. “Please,” she responded, deadpan, before bursting into laughter — along with the journalists and spectators around her.

“First, she made a “scoffing sound,” noted Atlantic reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere, who asked the question.”


Harris’ scoffing at the idea of Trump’s seeking a second term in office was also popular on social media:

Featured Image Via CNN