Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is furious with “big tech” companies because she thinks they’re censoring the text messages she receives from  friends, but her complaint wound up making her look like a complete fool when Twitter users explained the basics of modern technology to her.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, Pirro claimed that she had gotten text messages from friends that had been “modified,” and that made her angry and deeply suspicious:

There’s a simple reason for the notification on those texts, as Mediaite explains:

“Pirro did not specify which company — Apple or a cellular provider? — carried out the alleged censorship. There is a simpler explanation for what happened to Pirro than the vast conspiracy she is alleging. It is likely that the messages she received exceeded 160 characters, or perhaps included a large image that required a lot of data to be downloaded — both instances are said to produce the fairly benign message.”

To quote Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”

Social media humiliation quickly followed for Ms. Pirro. Take a look:

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