Outgoing President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence desperately tried to call Arizona Governor Doug Ducey as he moved to certify President-Elect Joe Biden’s win in the state, only for Ducey to merely glance at his phone and ignore the call.

As we all know, Trump and his minions have repeatedly cried election fraud in every swing state they lost, including Arizona, where Biden won by nearly 11,000 votes, flipping the state from red to blue for the first time since Bill Clinton won it in 1996.

On Monday, Governor Ducey did his job by certifying the election results, which he was obligated to do, especially after Trump’s election lawsuits were dismissed by the courts.

But during the certification ceremony, Ducey received a call with his phone playing “Hail to the Chief,” meaning that it was either Trump or Pence trying to contact him in presumably an effort to beg him not to certify the results.

It’s certainly pathetic, and Ducey must have thought so as well because he glanced at his phone and hilariously ignored the call to continue certifying the results.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Apparently angry at being ignored, Trump proceeded to lash out at Ducey on Twitter:

The “hearing” Trump is referring to was not an official legislative hearing, but rather a staged meeting of Trump supporters to air their election fraud claims that have been dismissed by the courts because they have not presented any evidence to prove their allegations. The “hearing” was held at a local hotel in Phoenix because the state legislature declined to participate in Trump’s circus. That’s how pathetic Trump’s election fraud scheme has been.

Trump obviously expected Republican governors to help him steal the election, even if it meant invalidating the will of the people. That’s obviously not going to happen since all states have now certified the election results. Biden won. Trump lost. It’s time for Trump to accept defeat and move on. Ducey certainly seems to have done just that by ignoring Trump’s call.

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