Fox News host Sean Hannity made a startling admission on his show Monday evening, admitting that he doesn’t “vet” the information that appears on his program each night, seeming to confirm that he deals in little more than conspiracy theories and utter BS.

Mediaite reports that Hannity made the vetting comments just hours after he urged President Donald Trump to “pardon his whole family and himself” on his afternoon radio program.

“As he sat next to a graphic denouncing ‘Media Malpractice,’ Hannity launched into this…revealing statement:

“We, in this hour, I am not told what to say. I don’t vet the information on this program that I give out. We have always been independent, follow our own path on the show. That’s not going to change for me ever.”

Is that right? Sounds like Sean just throws out whatever he thinks his viewers want to hear and is only too happy to peddle lies if it gets him ratings.

A few minutes later, during an interview with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Hannity began walking back what he had said earlier, remarking:

“When I said I don’t vet the program, I vet the program, we vet the facts. We got Obama right, we got Russia right, we got Ukraine right. We vetted Biden when nobody else would and the Biden family. We vet what we do. We’re not told what to do. They get everything wrong every single time.”

So first he doesn’t vet and then he does. What a curious state of affairs, as many on social media pointed out:

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