Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) insulted millions of Americans in Georgia and across the country by releasing a campaign ad insisting that she knows what it’s like to struggle financially even as she refuses to help people and businesses hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Loeffler is a multimillionaire whose husband owns the New York Stock Exchange. She also sold off millions of dollars worth of stocks after attending a classified briefing on the coronavirus in January.

She even has her own private jet and paid for graduate school by mortgaging land she inherited from her grandparents.

Clearly, Loeffler knows nothing about being in financial peril, but one of her campaign ads claims otherwise.

“It’s so important to have Senator Loeffler in the Senate, especially right now,” Republican operative and lobbyist Janelle King said. “What we need more than ever is a business mind. We need someone who understands not just how to write paychecks and sign paychecks but how it feels like waiting on that paycheck.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

It’s beyond depraved for Loeffler to let one of her surrogates make such a bullsh*t claim. She can’t seriously make such a claim when her finances are well-documented. People are dying. People are getting sick. People are getting evicted from their homes and losing their jobs. They can’t pay their bills. But Loeffler refuses to support a new round of stimulus relief for Americans and has never faced the same crises. She has multiple homes, millions of dollars worth of stocks, and did not even earn her Senate seat. She was appointed to the seat rather than elected even though she had absolutely no political experience whatsoever.

Her Democratic opponent, on the other hand, actually does know what it’s like to struggle. Reverend Raphael Warnock grew up in public housing and has relentlessly advocated for helping financially struggling Americans.

Loeffler is a joke while Warnock walks the walk. Anyone who is struggling right now cannot possibly believe that Loeffler can relate to them or actually cares about their struggle. She doesn’t, and Georgia would be better off electing a real champion to the Senate instead of a millionaire who only cares about enriching herself.

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