Even though her father is now seen as a failed, one-term president who did more harm than good during his four years in office, his daughter, Ivanka, is ready to launch her own campaign for the White House, but her ambitions could well set off a nasty civil war among her siblings, according to the Washington Post:

“I think she’d want to be the [first] female president,” said Marissa Velez Kraxberger, a film producer who worked for Ivanka for two years at her now-defunct company. “I don’t think she’s actually ever had any interest in fashion but everything was an angle to gain more power in whatever possible way.”

The major obstacle facing Ivanka: Her brother, Don Jr., who also has political ambitions and consistently polls higher than his sister:

“Earlier in the Trump administration, Ivanka Trump denied interest in a 2024 presidential run, but pollsters have included her name in surveys for a hypothetical Republican presidential primary pool excluding her father. She notched four percentage points among likely 2024 general-election voters in a McLaughlin & Associates-Newsmax poll released at the end of last month, falling behind Vice President Pence, Donald Trump Jr., Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah).”

There’s also the fact that while the name Trump is instantly recognizable, Ivanka would face the burden of being associated with her father’s presidency, which is widely seen as a disaster that has only served to further divide the country and has led to a fracture within the GOP that threatens to rip the Republican Party apart and turn it into little more than the Party of Trump.

But the biggest strain would likely be inside the Trump family itself:

“'[There will] will definitely be a power struggle between [Ivanka] and her brother, who is obviously more connected to the base,’ said one top Republican fundraiser.”

Though it’s probably too early to be looking ahead to what may happen four years from now, the chatter has already begun regarding whether or not Republicans want to tie their political fortunes to the Trumps once again. After all, the current pact they have with the Donald hasn’t exactly benefited them the way they had anticipated.

Featured Image Via NBC News