Outgoing President Donald Trump openly threatened to kill a defense spending bill if Congress doesn’t give him the power to persecute social media companies.

Despite claiming that he respects and loves the troops, Trump sure isn’t showing it. As a new National Defense Authorization Act moves through Congress, Trump is demanding that Section 230 of the legislation be repealed. Section 230 serves as a liability shield for social media companies reasonably protecting them from being held accountable for content posted by users, but allows those same companies to regulate and moderate content. That’s why we’ve been seeing so many warning labels on Trump’s tweets alleging election fraud.

Trump is scheming to steal the election that he rightfully lost to President-Elect Joe Biden by spreading false allegations and conspiracy theories that even the Justice Department can’t back up. In response, Twitter has added disclaimers to these tweets to combat the misinformation and lies.

Of course, Trump doesn’t like that and he wants the power to persecute social media companies before he leaves office. So, he issued a pair of tweets.

Social media companies should be allowed to moderate what people post on their platforms. Freedom of speech does not apply in this case because the Constitution was designed to protect our free speech from being curtailed by the government, not by a private company that has set community standards that everyone agrees to adhere to when they sign up.

Vetoing the NDAA spending bill puts the lives of our troops at risk and does more to threaten national security than social media companies. Clearly, Trump wants revenge on Twitter for calling out his lies. And Congress should not allow him to have it. When Biden takes office in 2021, pass the NDAA and send it to him to sign. There is no need to let Trump abuse his power more than he already has.

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