When he leaves office on January 20 of next year, President Donald Trump could well lose something he values more than the presidency: His Twitter account.

Forbes reports that Twitter executives are already discussing banning Trump from the social media platform as soon as he’s no longer president for multiple violations of Twitter’s terms of service:

“Warning labels and fact checks have not stopped President Trump from continuing to spread conspiracy theories and use violent rhetoric on Twitter, but after Inauguration Day, those kinds of tweets could land the outgoing president in hot water, and eventually cause him to be banned by the platform, a Twitter spokesperson told Forbes Thursday.”

Why, you may ask, hasn’t Twitter already banned Trump for spreading lies and conspiracy theories about issues such as the coronavirus pandemic and 2020 election? Because he’s a world leader, and that gives him protections most Twitter users don’t have:

“Trump is currently shielded by Twitter’s “World Leaders policy,” which means the social media company will in most cases choose to leave up a tweet that breaks its rules, a policy established on the principle that most people would like to see what their heads of state are saying.”

Once he no longer has the title of U.S. president, however, Trump can easily be booted off the site and not allowed back. And it certainly sounds like the company is indeed ready to drop the hammer on the president once he’s out of the White House, though they maintain there are no “special rules” for him.

On Tuesday, Trump launched a full-fledged attack on Twitter and other social media companies:

Enjoy your digital platform while you can, Donald. The times, they are a changin’.