Even Fox Business is calling out false claims of mass election fraud by outgoing President Donald Trump and his loyalists, something trade advisor Peter Navarro humiliatingly found out first-hand.

Trump’s desperate claims have resulted in more than 30 lawsuits being dismissed by judges across six states, outrageous accusations against his own FBI and Justice Department, and accusations against the Postal Service he tried to sabotage to help himself.

It’s pretty damn pathetic really, but Trump and his supporters are gluttons for humiliation.

During an interview on Fox Business, Navarro received his own dose of humiliation from host Liz Claman when he insisted that the election was “stolen” from Trump.

“Everything I’ve seen, Liz, tells me that this election was stolen,” he said. “Everything I’m seeing across six states, I mean, to the point…”

Claman, in a move signaling that Fox accepts the results of the election and is growing tired of Trump’s fraud allegations, hit Navarro with an indisputable point.

“Why do judges not see that, Peter?” Claman asked. “More than 24 judges do not see that.”

The look on Navarro’s face was priceless and suggests he knows he just got nailed with reality.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Indeed, dozens of judges that also include Trump appointees have dismissed these frivolous lawsuits because no evidence of mass voter fraud has been provided. Courts require evidence beyond mere claims to move forward with a case of such magnitude. Study after study has shown that voter fraud is incredibly rare in this country. In fact, the only real voter fraud in this election has been committed by Republicans.

This election is over. The results are not going to be overturned just because some right-wing crybabies are crying voter fraud. President-Elect Joe Biden has won 306 electoral votes and won the popular vote by 7 million votes. His victory is indisputable and any Trump campaign attorney should be sanctioned by the courts or disbarred for continuing to level these false election fraud claims.

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