Outgoing President Donald Trump took one last desperate stab at overturning the election results in Georgia when he called Governor Brian Kemp and got humiliatingly turned down.

Georgia has already conducted several recounts and each of them has confirmed that President-Elect Joe Biden won the state and its 16 electoral votes by a margin that is impossible for Trump to overcome. Trump has also lost several lawsuits he filed in court challenging the results and has resorted to attacking Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for not helping him steal the race.

Prior to attending a rally in Georgia on Saturday, Trump placed a phone call to Kemp’s office begging him to overturn the results and declare him the winner.

According to the Washington Post:

Hours before he was scheduled to hold a rally in Georgia on behalf of the state’s two GOP senators, Trump pressed Kemp to call a special session of the state legislature to get lawmakers to override the results and appoint electors that would back him, according to a person familiar with the conversation. He also asked the governor to demand an audit of signatures on mail ballots, something Kemp has previously noted he has no power to do.

But Trump’s pathetic begging was all for nothing because Kemp is bound by state law to accept the results and cannot overturn the will of Georgia voters. Also, the state legislature does not select the state’s electors.

“Kemp declined the entreaty from Trump, according to the person,” the report said. “The governor later referenced his conversation with Trump in a midday tweet, noting that he told the president that he’d already publicly advocated for a signature audit.”

In addition, Trump demanded signature verification in Georgia via Twitter in yet another post directed at Kemp and Raffensperger.

It needs to be repeatedly pointed out that Georgia election officials already performed signature verification on mail-in ballots, with many being checked twice. The ballots were then separated from the envelopes as required by law because ballots are confidential. Therefore, there is no way Georgia could go through the process again unless a court orders it, and it doesn’t look like one will because there’s no evidence of fraud to warrant it. Again, the signature verification that Trump has been demanding has already been done. Biden won the state, and no amount of begging, demanding, or whining will change that fact.

If anything, Trump’s phone call to Kemp demonstrates that he is the only one trying to steal the election. Thankfully, Republican governors are shooting him down.

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