Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis claimed that God wants her to get the election overturned. God responded by punishing her with the coronavirus instead.

Just days after Rudy Giuliani tested positive for the virus, Ellis “informed associates she tested positive for the coronavirus,” according to Axios, “stirring West Wing fears after she attended a senior staff Christmas party on Friday.”

By attending the party, Ellis potentially exposed many Trump officials and their families.

Just this past Monday, Ellis claimed that she is pushing to overturn the election in order to “do right by God.”

“My life is in service and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ and so whatever anybody else says really doesn’t bother me,” Ellis said on Fox Business. “Ultimately at the end of the day, as long as I know that I’m pursuing truth and I’m doing the right thing for God and my country. That’s all that matters. So that’s what gives me my optimism and my hope.”

Ellis’ life and career seem to be one lie after another, so it’s unclear how she is doing God’s work by trying to keep Trump in power.

Her career as an attorney has been self-inflated like Trump’s ego. She worked as a deputy district attorney in Weld County, Colorado only to be fired from that position after six months. She has claimed to have worked on various kinds of cases, but court records do not support her. She has even claimed to have represented the State Department, but there are no records supporting that either.

In addition, Ellis is on record calling Trump a threat to democracy and liberty, and has blasted him for being immoral and ignoring facts or logic.

So, she’s as fake as Trump and the election lawsuits she’s been filing on his behalf.

Also, if she actually understood the law and our Constitution, she would not be claiming that the Constitution should be interpreted based on the Bible. That has never been the way the Constitution has been interpreted in this country and would discriminate against the non-religious and those who practice non-Christian religions. Clearly, Jenna Ellis is not fit to be an attorney. She disgraces the law and the Constitution and should be disbarred.

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