Outgoing President Donald Trump argued and whined on Wednesday morning that he must have won the election because he won the states of Ohio and Florida.

This week, the Supreme Court tossed Trump’s lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, resulting in yet another temper tantrum from Trump and his supporters, who are apparently calling for armed insurrection to keep Trump in power.

With few options left to him, Trump is now hoping a lawsuit filed by Texas Republicans seeking to overturn election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia will be heard by the high court even though it’s a long-shot desperation play that has no chance of succeeding.

That being said, Trump rolled out another argument insisting that he must have won the election because he won Ohio and Florida, but not before seemingly approving of the calls for violence coming from his loyalists. He also demanded the Supreme Court overturn the election results in his favor.

As usual, Trump is inciting violence and repeating debunked lies about the election results. Biden received 7 million more votes in this election than Trump did and every state has certified the results as Trump loses court case after court case. Furthermore, a presidential candidate has, indeed, won Ohio and Florida before and lost the election. Richard Nixon lost to John F. Kennedy in 1960 despite winning both states. So, it has happened before, and now it has happened again. It’s not a flattering comparison either since Nixon is the second-most corrupt president in American history. Trump is obviously the most corrupt.

Florida and Ohio were not the only states to vote in this election. There are 50 states, which means there are many combinations which could lead any candidate to victory. Biden put together a winning map and Trump didn’t. It’s that simple.

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