Outgoing President Donald Trump once again targeted the Supreme Court on Twitter Thursday morning in a scheme to pressure the high court to nullify the election results and hand him an undeserved second term.

As the Electoral College vote approaches, Trump is becoming even more desperate to stop President-Elect Joe Biden from taking office in January, especially since he has lost at least 50 lawsuits across several swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada trying to overturn election results.

Now Trump is betting all his chips on a lawsuit filed by Texas urging the Supreme Court to nullify tens of millions of votes in the four states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and to declare Trump the victor even though the lawsuit itself admits there is no evidence of election fraud in those states.

On Thursday, Trump demanded the high court rule in his favor.

Once again, it has to be pointed out that Biden won the popular vote by over 7 million votes, and won the popular vote in each of the four states Texas is targeting in this lawsuit. Furthermore, Biden won 51.3 percent of the vote nationally, which means 78 percent of the people definitely do NOT feel the election was “rigged” as Trump claims.

In fact, while that may be the percentage of Republican voters who think it was rigged, a poll of the American people overall found that 73 percent believe that Biden won the election fair and square.

And speaking of illegitimate presidents, let’s not forget that Russia interfered with the 2016 Election to help Trump win, a conclusion that both Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and the Senate Intelligence Committee have reached, not to mention every American intelligence organization.

Trump, however, continued spouting nonsense about the election results by quoting propagandist Sean Hannity and an unidentified Trump super-fan at a rally in Georgia.

Again, Trump did not win this election. Not by a landslide. Not narrowly. Not at all. Biden won the election by 7 million votes and scored 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. Trump would be the real illegitimate president if the Supreme Court actually ruled in his favor.

In addition, Georgia has been trending Democratic for years now with Republicans receiving less and less percentage of the vote in 2012 and 2016. Trump only won the state in 2016 by 200,000 votes, with many of those voters switching to Biden this year in response to Trump’s failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic and his erratic behavior over the last four years, resulting in higher turnout than in 2016.

In fact, Georgia saw a record turnout, with 1.7 million new voter registrations over the last four years. That’s why Trump lost. This election was not stolen from Trump. Trump just legitimately lost to the better candidate after repeatedly proving himself unfit for office for four years and engaging in scandal after scandal and being impeached. That’s all there is to it, and the Supreme Court must dismiss this latest lawsuit. Because not doing so would prove that the high court has no credibility left.

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