White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News during an interview that God planned for her to be outgoing President Donald Trump’s press secretary.

Since taking over as Trump’s press secretary in May, McEnany has been lying every day for him, starting with her first day on the job.

She has enabled his worst impulses, defended him while nearly 300,000 Americans have died because of the coronavirus pandemic, stood by him as he posed for a photo-op holding a Bible in front of a church after having peaceful protesters violently cleared from the street, and has continued to not feel an ounce of remorse for the damage she has caused.

Yet, McEnany had the gall to drag God into her story by claiming that God planned for her to be press secretary.

“God had a clear and definite plan for my life, and he put me on this journey in media and politics for a reason,” she said. “I knew that God put me in this position, at this moment in time, for a reason. I recall both a former Democrat colleague at CNN as well as my Dad telling me you come into your position ‘for such a time as this’– words from the book of Esther, a book that my hometown church ironically did a series on during my time here at the White House.”

“I tell you this to emphasize I approached this position with a sense of responsibility to live up to the task God had planned for me,” she continued. “You will have struggles, hardship and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Know you can overcome through faith and that God has a path for you if you trust Him and follow it.”

Seriously, this is a load of fresh bullsh*t from a woman who once called Trump a hateful racist who is only pretending to be a Republican. Now she’s working for that hateful racist spreading his propaganda and lies and giving God credit for it.

If that’s not blasphemy then I don’t know what is, because no one, not even McEnany, can say what God’s plan is or was.

In addition, McEnany recalled listening to Rush Limbaugh as a child, which explains a lot, and went on to attack journalists for not parroting everything Trump tells them and framing it as the truth.

“Some journalists, not all, are driven so much by scorn for the president, to the point of really interfering with, what I believe, their duties are, which is to convey information given to them by the administration to the American people,” she whined.

But journalists are not supposed to take everything the president says as the truth. Dictators expect that in authoritarian nations, but this is America, where journalists fact-check information instead of acting as propagandists.

Again, the damage McEnany has helped perpetrate on this country is incalculable and she is complicit in the deaths of nearly 300,000 Americans, the assault on democracy and the rule of law, and the growing mistrust of government among Americans. She should be prosecuted and jailed. Will she then also call that God’s plan?

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