In yet another humiliating defeat, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected a last-ditch lawsuit filed by Texas to overturn the election in outgoing President Donald Trump’s favor.

For days, Trump has been praising the lawsuit and insisting that it would be the ruling that would keep him in power, even going so far as to demand the high court side with him in a Twitter tantrum claiming that President-Elect Joe Biden is unfit to serve and will be plagued by scandals.

At least 18 Republican state Attorneys General joined the lawsuit, and Trump even called the Georgia Attorney General warning him to not defend his states against it. The lawsuit was filed against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin alleging there must have been election fraud because there was no evidence of such fraud.

Despite Trump’s pathetic pleas to the court, all nine Justices refused to have anything to do with his attempt to overthrow democracy.

According to the New York Times:

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected an audacious lawsuit by Texas that had asked the court to throw out the presidential election results in four battleground states captured by President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. The court, in a brief unsigned order, said Texas lacked standing to pursue the case, saying it ‘has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.’ The move, coupled with a one-sentence order on Tuesday turning away a similar request from Pennsylvania Republicans, signaled that the court has refused to be drawn into President Trump’s losing campaign to overturn the results of the election last month.

Once again, Trump has been humiliated in court. In fact, his election lawsuits have been on the losing end a whopping 57 times with only a single minor and irrelevant win, making him 1-57 in the courts since he began trying to use the courts to orchestrate a coup attempt.

For once, the Supreme Court actually did something right, and you can bet that Trump will whine all about it.

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