In the wake of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, outgoing President Donald Trump attacked Biden in a series of Twitter posts culminating in yet another demand that the Supreme Court declare him the election winner.

Trump began his temper tantrum by insisting that Biden is not qualified to handle the roll out of coronavirus vaccines because of the H1N1 epidemic that occurred in 2009 and vowed that he would not let Biden take control of it, another sign that Trump will refuse to leave office on January 20th.

The problem is that the H1N1 epidemic is nothing like the coronavirus pandemic. H1N1 only killed 12,500 Americans while coroanvirus has killed nearly 300,000. In fact the coronavirus has killed nearly 12,000 Americans in the last two weeks alone. As for the H1N1 vaccine, it was rolled out in October and November of 2009 while the coronavirus vaccine under Trump is only just now being rolled out in December and faces shortages and logistical problems that Trump himself caused with his ineptitude.

Trump then bizarrely suggested that he only wants to stay in office to prevent the world from killing itself.

This is laughable since Trump has withdrawn from several weapons treaties with Russia, weakened NATO, allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons under his nose, is close to starting a war with Iran, continues to ignore climate change, has allowed the coronavirus to rage unchecked across the country, and is inciting civil war.

Trump’s next tweet revisited his impeachment for trying to extort Ukraine into opening a scam investigation against Biden to hurt his rival’s election chances.

This call was not “perfect” as Trump claims. In fact, the transcript Trump released clearly showed that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo by withholding critical military aide from Ukraine unless Ukrainian leaders agreed to persecute Biden and his family. Furthermore, the current Justice Department probe against Hunter Biden was opened by a Trump-loving U.S. Attorney in Delaware and has to do with alleged tax evasion involving China instead of Ukraine as Trump himself repeatedly contended as his reason for demanding a Ukraine investigation. It seems like yet another persecution attempt by Trump on his way out the door, perhaps trying to extract a pardon from Biden in exchange for letting the case against Hunter be dropped. It won’t work.

After all, Hunter Biden is innocent until proven guilty and the Bidens don’t appear all that worried. In fact, Hunter Biden has been transparent about the investigation, something that is refreshing given Trump and his family’s desperate effort to hide their own taxes over the last four years.

Trump capped off his Twitter tantrum by laughably claiming that Biden’s administration will be plagued by scandal, therefore insisting that the Supreme Court must overturn the election.

Following the Constitution actually means that the Supreme Court should crush the Texas lawsuit and end any and all further challenges to Biden’s legitimate election as the next president. He won the electoral vote with 306 votes to Trump’s 232, and beat Trump in the popular vote by over 7 million votes. Contrary to Trump’s claims, there is no evidence of election fraud.

As for Trump’s claim that Biden’s administration will be “scandal plagued,” that’s rich coming from the king of scandals. In a recent op-ed published by CNN, USC law professor Edward McCaffery wrote:

We have today a President who fights all accountability and transparency, stonewalling on disclosing his taxes, even to government investigators. Who surrounds himself with family in a sea of conflicts of interest. Who hires advisers repeatedly indicted in or found guilty of crimes, and who stays in touch with them afterward. Who dangles and grants pardons to his own associates and who reportedly considers using pardons preemptively for himself and his family. Who has fired one acting attorney general and constantly threatens to fire the current attorney general, always for failure to do the President’s bidding.

Trump has repeatedly abused his power. He has locked kids in cages, recklessly handled the coronavirus pandemic, desired to use the military against American citizens, ordered peaceful protesters violently cleared from the streets so he could engage in a photo-op, has repeatedly violated the Emoluments Clause, has funneled taxpayer dollars into his businesses, hired his family members to White House positions in egregious acts of nepotism, tried to cover up Saudi Arabia’s murder of a journalist who resided in the United States, committed ten instances of obstruction of justice during the Russia investigation, paid off a porn star to hide extramarital affairs from the American people, tried to extort Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 Election, tried to sabotage the United States Postal Service for the same reason, and countless other scandals over the last four years all while spending approximately one year of his presidency on the golf course.

Trump is a walking scandal. He is the most corrupt president in American history while Biden has been a respected public servant for decades who served with distinction as vice president during the Obama administration. The Supreme Court can do the right thing by making sure Biden is inaugurated next month and bringing an end to a nightmare that never should have happened in the first place.

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