Donald Trump Jr. has joined a new media company as a “founding journalist” in an effort, the company claims, to “make news credible again.”

No, this announcement was not made by The Onion.

According to PR Newswire:

Overline Media Partners (OMP) welcomes Donald Trump Jr. as the first of six founding journalists and public figures in “OG1”. Trump Jr., accomplished businessman, author, and political figure, brings a 365-day vision of a rebuilt American media focused on transparency and accountability.

“Americans know the media is broken, we don’t have to focus on the negative,” says Donald Trump Jr. “The need for accurate, censorship-proof news is both a fundamental right and an enormous opportunity. Together with Kimberly and the amazing people in OMP, we have the technology, capital, and moral imperative to build this. Let’s get it done.”

According to the OMP announcement, the company is “a multi-platform vehicle made of ‘buy-or-build’ assets in cable, print, and digital distribution” and will use “blockchain technology” and reward viewers with “digital” coins:

“OMP brings unique blockchain technology called Overline Verified Viewer. ‘With Overline Verified Viewer, networks use popular blockchains to award viewers with digital coins that prove their viewership of a given segment or news anchor,’ says partner and blockchain research group Overline’s CEO Patrick McConlogue. ‘With these coins awarded to viewers, you don’t just have more credible reporters, you have more credible viewers. It’s a whole new paradigm for thinking about news.”

It also sounds quite a bit like a Ponzi scheme which utilizes a currency that is subject to massive spikes or downturns in value, meaning that it also allows OMP to engage in what can best be called speculative finance in an attempt to enrich the corporation at the expense of its investors.

Additionally, OMP has ties to Don Jr’s current girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who had this to say about the venture:

“Beginning with cable networks, there has never been a greater cry for credibility and accountability in the media; this is where we rally. News is not one-sided anymore, Americans deserve to be able to be rewarded and hold public figures to a higher standard.”

Featured Image Via NBC News