Still willing to humiliate himself, outgoing President Donald Trump threw a massive temper tantrum the evening before the Electoral College convenes to vote.

On Monday, the Electoral College will convene and electors representing all fifty states will cast their votes according to how their state voted in the election. So, President-Elect Joe Biden will receive 306 votes to Trump’s 232, therefore cementing Biden’s victory.

But after yet another day spent on his golf course, Trump once again accused Democrats of cheating to win and spewed every election conspiracy he could think of before vowing not to stop trying to overturn the results.

Trump’s accusation is unfounded and has no real evidence supporting it. In fact, regardless of how many ballots you receive in the mail, you can still only vote one time.

Trump then attacked the Supreme Court.

They didn’t have to rule on the merits of the case because it didn’t have any merit in the first place. It was a bald-faced scheme to overturn a legitimate election and even the lawsuit itself admitted that there is no evidence of election fraud. Besides, the Justices rejected the lawsuit unanimously, with even Justices Alito and Thomas writing that they would not grant relief.

Trump then made more outrageous claims aimed at swing states.

The swing states, in fact, not NOT find such evidence of fraud. Trump is pretending that his staged “hearing” in those states had merit, too, but they didn’t at all. And all they managed to produce were so-called “witnesses” who were willing to sign affidavits alleging fraud. That’s not evidence, it’s perjury.

Again, all of these allegations are unfounded because Trump and his lawyers have not produced a shred of evidence in court to prove them. The Associated Press has put together a list of debunked Trum election fraud allegations here. Even Attorney General Bill Barr and the DOJ say there is no evidence.

Like it or not, Trump is going to leave the White House on January 20th and Biden will be the new rightful president. If Trump refuses to leave, Americans will hopefully get to enjoy watching a live feed of him being dragged out kicking and screaming like a petulant child.

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