Early voting began Monday in the Georgia Senate runoff election that will determine control of the upper chamber of Congress, and with just a few weeks left until the votes are counted, Republicans are growing increasingly angry with President Donald Trump for siphoning badly needed funds from the Peach State and into his own failed effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

A new report from Politico reveals that while Trump has been sending out pleas for cash to donors, the money being raised isn’t reaching  incumbent Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler:

“’We MUST defend Georgia from the Dems!’ he wrote in one recent text message. ‘I need YOU to secure a WIN in Georgia,’ he said in another. ‘Help us WIN both Senate races in Georgia & STOP Socialist Dems,’ he pleaded a few days later.

There’s just one hitch: Trump’s new political machine is pocketing most of the dough — and the campaigns of the Georgia senators competing in the Jan. 5 races aren’t getting a cent.”

Instead of helping fund efforts in Georgia, Trump is redirecting the money to his newly-formed political action committee, which will be used to help fund any future political runs the president decides to make. But under the PAC rules, he can just as easily pocket the money and leave the GOP high and dry.

Doug Heye, a veteran GOP strategist, put it bluntly when asked about what the president is doing:

“The reality is Donald Trump does not care about the future of the Republican Party, so if he can raise money off of the Georgia runoffs but keep the money for his own purposes, he will do so.”

Kasie Hunt of NBC News said Tuesday morning on MSNBC that Republicans are indeed furious with Trump for focusing only on himself and leaving them to try and scrape up money for the Georgia runoff election, which will be held on January 5, just 15 days before Trump leaves office:

“The money that Republicans are gathering, that President Trump is raising — Republicans on the Hill, they’re pissed off because they are taking that money and they are saying, ‘Oh, you have to help us win these elections in Georgia to win the Senate majority.’ The Trump team is taking that money and doing things for themselves with it.”

Now that he knows he won’t be back for a second term, Trump is busy feathering his own nest. He doesn’t give a damn who controls the Senate, and that could wind up being a major problem for a party that is facing a complete loss of political power. Then again, that’s what the GOP gets for hitching their wagon to a grifter.

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