Attorney General Bill Barr either resigned or was fired by outgoing President Donald Trump on Friday. Either way, the legal world is not sad to see him go.

Throughout Barr’s tenure, he tried to turn the Justice Department into a partisan weapon to attack Trump’s enemies while covering up or ignoring Trump’s crimes, beginning with Barr’s attempt to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final Russia investigation report and insisting that it fully exonerated Trump even though the report listed ten instances of obstruction of justice he committed.

Barr also interfered in prosecutions of Trump minions such as former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, conducted persecutions, lied to Congress, and enabled Trump’s abuses of power.

Needless to say, the list of Barr’s misconduct is long, but his time as Attorney General will come to an end later this month because Trump announced that Barr has tendered his resignation and will step down on December 23rd.

Barr’s letter of resignation can be best characterized as a master class in boot-licking to stroke the boss’ ego. Barr not only credited Trump with achievements when there were none, he had the gall to call him a uniter, and once again attacked the legitimate Russia investigation. He even seemed to walk back his earlier statement debunking Trump’s election fraud claims.

It was all complete bullsh*t, but Barr’s resignation is definitely an early Christmas present for Americans, especially legal experts who were all too eager to take parting shots in response.

Make no mistake, Barr may be leaving early but he should still be investigated, arrested, and prosecuted for his multiple abuses of the Justice Department. That’s the only way to clean up Barr’s abuses and prevent future Attorneys General from repeating them.

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