If perhaps you were looking for further confirmation that President Donald Trump is a walking, talking threat to U.S. national security, a new report from The Guardian reveals that the current head of state isn’t even smart enough to have a decent password on his Twitter account:

“Dutch prosecutors have confirmed that Donald Trump’s Twitter account was hacked in October despite denials from Washington and the company, but said the ‘ethical hacker’ would not face charges.

“The hacker, named as Victor Gevers, broke into Trump’s account @realDonaldTrump on 16 October by guessing the US president’s password, Dutch media reports said.”

Anyone care to guess what Trump was using as his password? It was “maga2020!” That, of course, is a reference to the president’s promise that he would “Make America Great Again.”

According to the Dutch public prosecutor’s office (Openbaar Ministerie):

“We believe the hacker has actually penetrated Trump’s Twitter account, but has met the criteria that have been developed in case law to go free as an ethical hacker.”

Even more disturbing, according to the hacker, is that since he was able to hack into Trump’s account, that alone suggests the president isn’t even using two-factor verification:

“I expected to be blocked after four failed attempts. Or at least would be asked to provide additional information.”

Not long after he was able to breach Trump’s Twitter, account, Gevers alerted U.S. authorities and was eventually contacted by the Secret Service, who thanked him for bringing the matter to their attention.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Gevers has gained access to Trump’s Twitter account:

 “In 2016 he and two others guessed Trump’s password, which at the time was ‘yourefired’ – the catchphrase from the reality TV The Apprentice.”

As of January 20, Trump needs to change his social media password once again, though he may not have access to Twitter for much longer. Such luxuries aren’t available in prison.

Featured Image Via NBC News