With positive signs coming from Washington that Congress may finally be able to pass another fiscal stimulus package in the waning days of 2020, Fox News is saying that giving Americans more money from the federal government will turn them into communists.

Thursday morning on “Fox & Friends,” former GOP congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin attacked the compromise bill that is still being hammered out between the House and Senate, claiming that more aid would only serve to make Americans more dependent on assistance from the government:

“If the government gives these workers checks for a little while, they’re going to have checks for the rest of their lives! These workers are all going to be forced to be on the government dole forever because they’re crushing these small businesses!”

How does giving people assistance in the middle of a recession caused by a pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 300,000 Americans put anyone on the dole? Would Duffy prefer we let people starve and wind up homeless because they can’t pay their rent?

In response to Duffy’s comment, co-host Brian Kilmeade chirped:

“Maybe that’s the goal.”

And then Duffy’s wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, joined the discussion to raise the specter of communism, remarking:

“Maybe it is — that’s what they’re doing in China! They’re consolidating power, whatever free market was left, over this pandemic!”

Keep in mind these are the same so-called “free market” conservatives who have no problem handing out billions in corporate subsides to  oil companies and defense contractors. They also don’t mind when the government cuts essential services for children such as food assistance and access to affordable health care.

The Republican Party is a cruel, heartless collection of greedy, fact-free sadists who have no problem letting their fellow Americans suffer as long as the wealthy continue to get more than their fair share of the pie.

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