Outgoing President Donald Trump, as usual, has not uttered a single word in response to Russia executing a massive cyberattack against our nation, an attack that appears to be his final gift to Vladimir Putin before he leave office in January.

The cyberattack has so far breached the Pentagon, Treasury Department, Commerce Department and the Department of Energy, including the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees our nuclear weapons stockpile.

As you may recall, Trump recently fired Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, who had been serving as the head of that nuclear agency, after he lost the 2020 Election. Trump also fired numerous Pentagon officials and replaced them with loyalists. Could that have been a prelude to allowing Russia to waltz in and invade our national security apparatus?

It certainly appears so, especially since Trump has been silent about the attack just like he has been silent whenever Russia makes aggressive moves against our country and our NATO allies.

Russia’s bounties on the heads of our troops in Afghanistan comes to mind. Trump has also withdrawn our nation from several treaties designed to keep Russia in check, and defended Russia despite their interference with the 2016 Election.

Now Trump has let Russia hack into our government agencies, and according to former CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash, the damage to our national security is massive.

“Well, the Russians appear to have implanted the malicious code, malware, in a software security update that was utilized by hundreds of thousands of customers including those you listed,” Bash told Morning Joe on Friday. “This is an epic national security bombshell in our history and the incoming Biden team is going to have a monumental task. First they’ll have to do a comprehensive damage assessment. That can’t be done in hours or days, that will take weeks and months to figure out exactly what the Russians now have their hands on.”

“It’s complicated by fact that the Russians will be watching every single move we make in our network,” Bash continued. “They’ll literally be reading the emails of the IT and security professionals who are responsible for this and they have to figure out how to kick the Russians out of the network and that could take years.”

National security expert Julia Ioffe agreed and pointed out that Trump gave Russia the “green light” to launch this attack.

“Well, you know, I was just talking to a source of mine who was a former government intelligence officer and was saying, you know, this is the hack of the decade, at least,” Ioffe said. “I think what happened is, Jeremy is right. On one hand, Trump rewarded Putin for this and in fact he not only welcomed it. He also said in front of the whole world, he said that he believed Vladimir Putin when he said he didn’t meddle in the 2016 election; that Russia wasn’t involved in the hack and dump that led up to the 2016 election and I think for the Russians, I think that was a green light.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The question is did the Russians gets classified information from this hack? Fear has been mounting that Trump could sell information to the Russians after he leaves office in a desperate bid to clear his billion dollar debt. Did he allow them to hack us so they could get that information?

Clearly, an investigation is warranted. And Trump’s silence on this matter speaks volumes.

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