In a disturbing move which may suggest that President Donald Trump doesn’t intend to leave office on January 20, his handpicked acting Secretary of Defense has called an immediate halt to “cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden,” an unprecedented move that has left even Pentagon officials utterly confounded, according to Axios:

“Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden, shocking officials across the Defense Department, senior administration officials tell Axios.

“Miller’s move, which stunned officials throughout the Pentagon, was the biggest eruption yet of animus and mistrust toward the Biden team from the top level of the Trump administration.”

A Pentagon spokesperson tried to downplay Miller’s move, issuing a statement:

“We had fewer than two dozen remaining meetings on the schedule today and next week,” the official said, adding that “the DoD staff working the meetings were overwhelmed by the number of meetings.

“These same senior leaders needed to do their day jobs and were being consumed by transition activities. … With the holidays we are taking a knee for two weeks. We are still committed to a productive transition.”

Of course, as much as the entire Trump administration lies and dissembles, that could be the truth or a complete fabrication.

The group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) slammed the administration for the Pentagon’s move:

And conservative commentator Bill Kristol added this:

Featured Image Via NBC News