It has rarely happened over the last four years, but outgoing President Donald Trump actually did something right while he rage-tweeted around midnight by demanding Republicans increase direct stimulus payments for Americans.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has been playing dirty politics with the coronavirus stimulus package that Americans desperately need, only agreeing to $600 stimulus checks that won’t be much help to struggling Americans who face eviction, starvation, and crushing bills during this time of crisis. And the only reason he did that is because he thinks it will help Republicans win two Senate run-off races in Georgia.

When $1,200 stimulus checks were back on the table, Trump-loving Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) blocked it like the selfish Grinch he is, leaving millions of Americans in the lurch.

But in one of the few times Trump has done something right, he demanded Republicans increase the direct payment amount, which could at least force Johnson to end his blockade.

This is what the president is supposed to do, fight for the American people. And if Trump had been doing this prior to November, perhaps he would have won the election. But he didn’t. Instead, he focused on stroking his own ego and insisting that everything was under control even though the coronavirus pandemic wrecked havoc on the country and still is wrecking havoc as the economy is in shambles and over 300,000 Americans are dead.

Of course, the pandemic is not China’s fault. It may have originated from there, but Trump had a chance to take this virus seriously back in February and he called it a hoax instead and refused to enact stay-at-home and mask policies until it was too late. And even when he did put measures in place he ended them too early.

Despite this one tweet, the rest of Trump’s midnight rant included attacks against former National Security Advisor John Bolton and the media, and an ALL-CAPS declaration of election fraud that never happened.

Seriously, Twitter can go ahead and delete Trump’s account now.

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