As outgoing President Donald Trump continues scheming to overturn the election results. his supporters in Nevada enlisted a data expert to investigate their claims of mass voter fraud, only for it to backfire in their faces.

Nevada has been a reliably Democratic state in presidential elections since 2008 and President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory there in 2020 ran along the same trends as past Democrats who won the state and went on to win the presidency. Biden received 50 percent of the vote in Nevada to Trump’s 47 percent. In the popular vote, Biden won by nearly 35,000 votes, making it clear that he won the state.

But Trump and his supporters have been crying election fraud for weeks and refuse to concede that Biden won legitimately even though they haven’t even provided evidence to prove their allegations, resulting in court loss after court loss, including the Supreme Court.

Despite that embarrassment, Trump supporters desperately sought the services of Rex Briggs, a data analysis expert, in the hopes that he would find proof of their election fraud claims, including everything from dead voters casting ballots, voting machines being tampered with, higher turnout than total voting population, and out-of-state voters just to name a few of the kooky claims made by those who are incapable of accepting that their guy lost fair and square.

“I was enlisted by ‘The Trump Digital Army, Election Integrity Division’ on November 8, 2020 to look at the source data in each battleground state, and compare 2016 to 2020 results to find any outliers/anomalies in the 2020 election results that could signal fraud,” Briggs told the Nevada Independent.

Only Briggs’ investigation did not prove their allegations, it debunked them entirely by finding “no evidence of rigging the voter registration process for Biden in Nevada” and “no evidence of rigging turnout for Biden in Nevada” and “no evidence of stuffing ballots for Biden in Nevada.”

“Turnout exceeding registered voters would indicate ballot-stuffing,” Briggs said. “However, there is no county where the number of ballots cast exceeded the number of registered voters. The three highest voter turnout figures are from Humboldt, Douglas and Eureka, all counties that pulled heavily for Trump.”

In fact, not only did Trump manage to over-perform in Nevada compared to the previous two Republican candidates in 2008 and and 2012, he improved by 2 percent over his 2016 tally. But in the bluest county where Trump and his supporters allege that Biden cheated, it turns out that Biden under-performed.

“Democrats actually lost ground in votes in Clark County, the main source of Democratic support in the state, slipping from 10.7% margin in 2016 to 10.0% in 2020,” Briggs said. “This makes Clark County an unlikely source of systemic widespread fraud by Democrats.”

Indeed, Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton, who only won 47 percent of the vote in 2016, by just 3 percent, below former President Barack Obama’s 52 percent in 2012.

Briggs also thoroughly debunked Trump’s claims that voting machines were rigged.

“I investigated the pre-election machine testing and the verification process that confirms that what is entered matches the vote tallies,” he explained. “I also checked a machine when I voted in-person and could examine the printed tape. I also checked the methodology of the post-election audit of the electronic vote tally vs. the tape count. All of them aligned, and all of those processes were open to the public and had both parties observe the audits.”

Math doesn’t lie, but Trump and his supporters do. That’s why they’ve been losing in court and it’s why Biden will be president on January 20th. He simply got more votes than Trump did. And he did it legitimately.

“I found nothing in the data that shows the election was rigged,” Briggs declared. “If anything, there are a few small factors that tilt slightly in favor of Republicans.”

Of course, this embarrassing setback won’t result in Trump and his supporters backing down. It only makes them more desperate, which is why they are resorting to calling for martial law and using the military to keep Trump in power. It’s pathetic and demonstrates why they lost by 7 million votes.

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