Desperate Trump supporters who cannot fathom the idea of President-elect Joe Biden being sworn into office on January 20 have filed a lawsuit against a most unlikely target: Vice President Mike Pence.

Democratic election attorney Marc Elias ran across the filing, which was made by the conservative Thomas More Society. It specifically targets Pence and the entire Electoral College in a last-ditch effort to have the 2020 election ruled invalid by a federal court.

Naming Pence as the defendant, the suit claims the VP should not be allowed to count the electoral votes on January 6 because state legislatures have not “affirmatively voted to certify the Presidential electors,” which is false. The electors have met and Biden received 306 votes to Trump’s 232.

The lawsuit also contains this paragraph:

“The Vice President and U.S. Congress act unconstitutionally in this election and future elections when they count votes of Presidential electors where the respective state legislature has not affirmatively voted in favor of post-election certification.”

Elias commented on the lawsuit via Twitter, and said he was stunned by just how little sense it makes:

Others also made fun of the filing from the Thomas More Society and the desperation of those who support the failed one-term president Trump:

Here’s a thought for the people who can’t accept that Trump lost and Biden is the next president: Go to the nearest airport. There are flights leaving for various international destinations each and every hour.

Featured Image Via NBC News