In a couple of weeks, pets will return to the White House after a four-year absence. Reportedly, germaphobe Donald Trump refuses to own pets of any kind. That’s probably best for the animals and Trump, since they’d likely despise a man a malevolent as the current head of state.

The new First Pooches, Champ Biden and Major Biden, have released their very own Holiday video, and it’s definitely a must-see, Mediate reports:

“Major Biden was thrust into the national spotlight several weeks ago when the president-elect sustained a hairline fracture in his foot while roughhousing with the German Shepherd after a shower, as one does, and had to wear an orthopedic boot for several weeks.

“That rambunctious spirit — Major’s, not Joe’s — was on display in a Christmas video that features a sedate Champ chilling with his holiday loot while Major bounds around the house, presumably looking to lay another booby trap for the next Leader of the Free World.”

Enjoy and share widely. It’s so nice to have canines back in the People’s House.

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