According to Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy, the Democratic Party and members of the incoming Biden administration are “out-and-out communists” who are trying to pretend they’re moderates.

Referencing an article from the New York Times that noted Biden had chosen a “centrist” cabinet, Campos-Duffy said she agreed with President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign the latest COVID-10 relief bill that was passed by Congress before the Christmas holiday:

“Nothing good happens with bills when you’re up against deadlines like this. You’re saying, if you want your measly $600 of crumbs, you’ve got to pass all these other special interest projects that Nancy Pelosi loves. All these stupid foreign policy programs that are about gender, you know, relief and all these other things that are in there.”

Wanna bet that Campos-Duffy hasn’t even read the bill to know what’s in it? She’s probably just repeating right-wing talking points she’s heard from Republican members of Congress and loons like Sean Hannity.

Co-host Will Cain then said he doesn’t believe the Times report about Biden governing as a “centrist” and expects the new administration will change the country in frightening ways:

“Our political future, our country’s future is not going to look like it did 10, 15, 20 years ago. Simply returning to the Joe Biden of 2010 and the Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney Republican Party of 2012 and calling things centrist isn’t going to work. It quite simply isn’t going to exist in 2022, in 2021.

“Business as usual is over. Donald Trump has scrambled that idea. Joe Biden will not, cannot be who he was — what was it — six years ago, eight years ago. We’re now headed into a new America.”

As if trying to outdo Cain, that’s when Campos-Duffy pulled the “communist card,” remarking:

“There is a very powerful and growing wing of radicals. I would challenge you to say they’re not even socialists, many of them are out-and-out communists on the left.

“There is a reason why he picked Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate because she is actually the most left-wing senator that the Democrats have. There was clearly a need to make a bridge to that left-wing radical side.”

The gang at Fox News wouldn’t know a communist from a house cat. They’re just trying to spread lies and fear for political benefit. They’ve been excusing Trump’s fascism for the past four years and now they want us to believe that Democrats are a threat. But voters have made their decision, and if the naysayers at Fox don’t like it, they should pack their bags, leave, and never return.

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