The bomb blast which took place on Christmas Day in Nashville, Tennessee, according to law enforcement, was the act of one man, Anthony Quinn Warner. The bomb, which was placed in an RV parked in the downtown area of the city, injured three people and damaged more than 40 buildings.

The motive for the bombing, authorities say, remains unclear:

“Investigators are looking at ‘any and all possible motives,’ Doug Korneski, the FBI special agent in charge of the Memphis Field Office, said during a Sunday evening press conference.”

But according to members of the QAnon movement — which believes that a group of liberal cannibalistic pedophiles control the world, including the Democratic Party — the blame lies with China.

Twitter has been alight with all sorts of bizarre ranting regarding this new conspiracy theory, and some of what’s being said by the QAnon faithful would probably be laughable if these people weren’t so committed to their beliefs and willing to spread their lies all over the internet.

Attorney Lin Wood — who is defending accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse — posted this:

The far right website Rumble then said the bombing was tied to the voting systems created by Dominion Systems, with this headline:

“Nashville Explosion Linked to Dominion Voting, Trump’s Certainty of Winning, Pompeo’s 17.”

That was all it took for the QAnon faithful to turn the crazy dial up to the max:

Featured Image Via NBC News