Presidential historian Michael Beschloss shredded President Donald Trump and predicted that his legacy would be among the worst of any American head of state, highlighted by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans from the novel coronavirus.

During an appearance on MSNBC Monday evening, Beschloss noted that Trump makes Herbert Hoover — another failed president — look like a saint:

“[Trump] makes Herbert Hoover look like Mother Teresa. Hoover was personally a very compassionate person … you want someone as president who has compassion and empathy.

“Donald Trump is the kind of person that we have never, ever seen before in the presidency, and I hope we never, ever see again. When you have a president who has no empathy, who has no compassion, you see a spectacle like what we’ve seen this week.”

While Americans are getting sick and dying from COVID-19, Beschloss added, Trump has been playing golf and refusing to sign a stimulus bill until the last moment, resulting in millions of Americans losing their unemployment benefits and in some cases unable to pay to their rent or even buy essentials such as food. That alone suggests that Trump’s legacy will be a dark one:

“Donald Trump is not going to change the record. He was largely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans who did not need to die. Millions of others who suffered from covid did not need to suffer… This is really Nero’s fiddling while Rome burns.”

Death, destruction, hatred, and fear. Those are the legacies Donald Trump will leave behind in his wake. And even though he’s been beaten by Joe Biden, he continues to look for ways to overturn the will of the American people, vainly hoping to be anointed as some sort of America Caesar. For that and a million other reasons, the only sensible end for Trump is a prison cell.

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