Outgoing President Donald Trump still thinks he’s on the campaign trail, and everyone is laughing at the new ad he released because he apparently thinks he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump has been obsessed with the Nobel Peace Prize since taking office, as it’s just one of the many things former President Barack Obama accomplished during his presidency that Trump hasn’t achieved. He’s even gone so far as to try and manufacture fake peace deals between nations not at war with each other in a desperate scheme to win it.

Of course, we all know Trump has never won the prize, but he sure does want people to think he has because he photoshopped an image of the award on a new ad which touts trade deals. The ad also goes over Trump’s claims of being pro-military and pro-law enforcement and justice as Aaron Copland’s “Rodeo” plays over the footage.

Again, Trump has never won the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump also does NOT support the military since he called soldiers who die in wars “suckers” and “losers,” and recently vetoed a major defense spending bill that provides our troops the money and resources they need to defend our nation.

Also, if Trump really supported justice and the law, he would not be pardoning convicted criminals.

Twitter users not only mocked his ridiculous ad, they pointed out that Trump may have committed copyright infringement.

Seriously, Twitter can shut down Trump’s account any time now. Not doing so is disgraceful.

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