Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is the most hated man in America after he heartlessly blocked a vote on $2,000 stimulus checks for struggling Americans, who cursed him to hell on Twitter in response.

The House passed a standalone bill on Monday with the support of 40 Republicans to grant higher relief checks after the $600 checks in previous legislation were panned as a mere pittance, including by outgoing President Donald Trump.

Despite pressure from Trump, McConnell refused to bring it up for a vote, opting to send his own version of the bill to the House demanding the repeal of Section 230 to stifle freedom on the Internet and investigations into the 2020 Election.

As McConnell continues playing his partisan games, Americans are struggling to pay the bills and are facing eviction and starvation with no end in sight while McConnell swims in his own multi-million dollar fortune without a care in the world except for how he can destroy America.

Well, McConnell should probably consider wearing a bulletproof vest for the rest of his miserable life because Americans are understandably enraged.

The only person standing in the way of Americans getting the relief they need is McConnell, a monster whose power in the Senate needs to come to an end. Georgia voters can make that happen by electing Democrats in both Senate runoff races on January 5th. Because once McConnell is gone, Democrats will pass the relief Americans have been needing for months. If McConnell stays in charge, Americans get nothing and will get nothing for years to come except suffering and death. After all, McConnell did brag about being a grim reaper. Blocking this relief bill is proof.

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