Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had the gall to claim that Democrats want the $2,000 stimulus checks for their “rich friends,” a claim that is not only false, it’s outright slander.

When Democrats passed a standalone bill on Monday to increase the coronavirus stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000, it was made clear that checks would only go to Americans who make under $75,000 a year. In other words, no wealthy person would be eligible to receive one. McConnell damn well knows this, yet he continued to refuse to bring up the bill for a vote on the Senate floor and made a pathetic excuse in the process.

“The Senate is not going to be bullied into rushing out more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats rich friends who don’t need the help,” McConnell said according to Newsweek. “We just approved almost a trillion dollars in aid a few days ago. It struck a balance between broad support for all kinds of households and a lot more targeted relief for those who need [more] help than most. We’re going to stay smart, we’re going to stay focused and we’re going to keep delivering on the needs for our nation.”

McConnell is one of the richest members of the Senate and has relentlessly worked to hand out trillions of dollars to the wealthy, including the 2017 tax law that gave trillions of dollars to wealthy individuals and corporations while also mandating that everyone else’s taxes will rise year after year to pay for it starting next year.

Indeed, McConnell has done nothing but pander to the rich so it’s incredibly hypocritical for him to all of a sudden try to claim that Democrats are the ones who are really giving money to the wealthy.

The American people need these relief checks. Millions face eviction and starvation. Our economy could also use the boost that this stimulus would provide. It is absolutely shameful that McConnell is standing in the way out of pure partisan politics. Even many Republicans would vote for the legislation and it would pass.

McConnell hates the American people. He wants them to suffer and die. He only cares about himself and his rich buddies. And the only time he’s concerned about the national debt and deficit is when it comes to bills that will help main street Americans survive. He doesn’t care at all when it comes to passing tax cuts for the wealthy. This evil scumbag is a disgrace to the Senate, the state of Kentucky, and the United States. Americans need help now. If that means McConnell needs to be bullied or worse into doing the right thing, so be it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia