Florida State Representative Omari Hardy is sick and tired of the way President Donald Trump wantonly ignores the laws of Palm Beach County where his Mar-a-Lago resort is located, so he’s calling for the club to be shut down immediately for failing to observe the county’s protective mask mandate.

CBS 12 reports that Hardy has taken the first steps to having Mar-a-Lago shuttered:

“’I am calling on Palm Beach County to fine Mar-a-Lago and to shut it down. The County must be assured that this business will comply with our local mask mandate before it is allowed to reopen,’ Hardi said in a statement.

“Hardy references a video of dozens of maskless partygoers and entertainers ringing in the New Year at President Trump’s resort. He says the President shouldn’t be given special treatment and that the club needs to adhere to the county’s mask mandate.”

Hardy also explained that while he understands Trump is indeed the president, the laws apply to him and his businesses as well:

“I recognize that the President is a powerful person and that his business, Mar-a-Lago, is a daunting target for enforcement, but the law is the law. The County’s mask mandate applies to all businesses in Palm Beach County. The presidency does not confer to the President and his friends a special privilege to endanger the health and welfare of Palm Beach County’s residents.”

Indeed, large gatherings, according to infectious disease specialists, can serve as super-spreader events that infect hundreds or even thousands of people. That makes them a major public health risk.

Since Trump will likely be spending more time at Mar-a-Lago after the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, it should be interesting to see what his backup plan is for a place to live if indeed his Florida resort is closed for failing to obey the laws of Palm Beach County.

Featured Image Via NBC News