When Congress meets in a joint session later today, Vice President Mike Pence will reportedly “defy” his boss and refuse to attempt a move that would toss out the electoral votes from several key battleground states, according to ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl:

“While Pence has said nothing publicly. I am told by people close to the vice president that he intends to defy the president on this, that he intends to follow the rules. Which means that at the end of the process tomorrow, it will be Vice President Pence who is the one announcing Joe Biden officially, formally, and finally has won the Electoral College and won the presidency.”

Karl added that such a move by Pence would likely “incur the wrath” of President Donald Trump, which matches with a report from the New York Times which noted that the VP had told Trump “he did not believe he had the power to block congressional certification.”

The U.S. Constitution gives a vice president no power whatsoever to reject any electoral ballots. Pence’s role is mainly ceremonial as president of the Senate, where the votes will be tabulated and certified. Some Republican members of Congress have said they will object to the votes from states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania, but with the House controlled by Democrats, there is no way the rogue GOP legislators can do anything more than give speeches and complain because their candidate lost. After that, Joe Biden will be certified as the 46th President of the United States and the process will be complete.

Featured Image Via NBC News