Supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump took action to overturn the 2020 Election results on Wednesday by storming the United States Capitol in an act of domestic terrorism that amounts to an attempted coup.

As the House and Senate began the ceremonious process of counting the electoral votes and certifying President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory, Trump supporters forced their way into the building in perhaps one of the most frightening moments in the history of our democracy.

Taking their cues from Trump himself, who has repeatedly incited his supporters into committing acts of violence on his behalf, the Trump supporters forced members of Congress to stop the count and evacuate. Capitol Police drew their weapons on the House floor and prepared for them to breach the doors. Reporters and lawmakers are hiding in offices taking cover behind desks and at least one anarchist has been shot. These anarchists broke windows to get inside the building and even harmed police officers, making it clear they really don’t care about law and order at all.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has now reportedly requested National Guard support.

In an insufficient as usual response to the violence, Trump claimed that law enforcement is on his side and did not condemn his supporters.

Trump would go on to post a pathetic video that didn’t help since he once again insisted that the election was “stolen” from him.

The Capitol is now on lockdown, but this incident demonstrates that conservatives are treated with kid gloves compared to how peaceful protesters were treated during protests against racial injustice last summer.

This chilling assault on democracy cannot go unpunished. Trump must be impeached and prosecuted for instigating an attempted coup. His supporters must also face prosecution and imprisonment.

President-Elect Joe Biden called upon Trump to condemn the violent mob, even slamming them for committing sedition and insurrection in strong language demonstrating his disgust with how Trump’s extremist supporters have acted today.

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