Just hours after pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, leading to a complete lockdown of congressional offices, some members of the cabinet began actively discussing invoking the 25th Amendment and removing President Donald Trump from office, according to “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan of CBS News:

Additionally, some Republican members of Congress are also recommending removing Trump from office before his term expires on January 20, CNN reports:

“After violent pro-Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, a growing number of Republican leaders and Cabinet officials told CNN that they believe Donald Trump should be removed from office before January 20. Four of them called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked, and two others said the President should be impeached.

“‘He has to be impeached and removed,’ said one current Republican elected official.

“A former senior official said the President’s actions were egregious enough to remove him even with such a short time left in his tenure.

“‘I think this has been a huge shock to the system,’ said the former official. ‘How do you keep him in place for two weeks after this?'”

As Trump feels increasingly isolated, cornered, and paranoid, it pays to remember that he still has full control of U.S. armed forces across the world and the American nuclear arsenal, either of which he could try to deploy in a desperate effort to remain in office. That alone suggests that for the safety of the nation, the current president must have all of his power stripped from him before Wednesday’s display at the Capitol by his supporters escalates and leads to the deaths of thousands.

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