Disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump could be the first president to ever be impeached twice, and even several Republicans are prepared to join the effort to oust him this time around.

Trump had been impeached in December 2019 for trying to blackmail Ukraine into targeting his political rivals and obstructing the investigation into his misconduct, only for Senate Republicans to rig his trial and acquit him.

If Senate Republicans had done their job and convicted him when they had the chance, the insurrection that took place at the Capitol on Wednesday would not have happened. But here we are.

Trump instigated the violence and terrorism that occurred this week as his supporters stormed Congress in yet another desperate scheme to overturn the election results.

The incident broke America’s long streak of peaceful transitions of power and crossed more than one red line, forcing many Republicans to condemn him for the first time. And some also want him impeached and are willing to vote to pass articles of impeachment drawn up by Democrats.

“For the last 24 hours I have been hearing from former allies of the president, Republicans who say they want him out of office before the 20th,” CNN’s Jamie Gangel said. “Whether it’s the 25th amendment, whether he resigns or now — I am told by two members of Congress, Republicans, that they will consider voting for impeachment and one said to me that ‘we don’t need a long trial, we experienced it firsthand.’ So [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi hasn’t made the decision to move forward, they haven’t seen the articles of impeachment yet, but they will consider voting for it.”

Pelosi has warned that if the 25th Amendment is not triggered to remove Trump she will move for a vote on impeachment. Of course, Senate Republicans could simply refuse to convict him again, but that would carry even more severe political risks since many of them are on record condemning Trump for his role in the insurrection.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

It’s time to not only impeach Trump a second time, it’s time to convict him so he can never run for office again. Because this is not a nightmare that Republicans or anyone else should ever want to repeat.

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