After four years of failing to shut down disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump’s account, Twitter finally pulled the plug on Friday in an effort to prevent further incitement of violence ahead of Inauguration Day.

Trump had previously been suspended for a mere 12 hours in the wake of an attempted coup at the Capitol, a violent insurrection he instigated in a scheme to stay in power by force.

Rather than tone down his tweets, Trump continued spouting his election fraud allegations and announced that he would not be attending the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. However, concerns remained that Trump may attempt to incite violence at the event, which occurs in 12 days, especially after he praised his supporters and declared that they won’t be silenced. So, Twitter announced that it made the decision to ban Trump permanently.

If you visit Trump’s account now you will only find this:

In addition, disgraced retired General Michael Flynn, a convicted felon whom Trump recently pardoned, had his account suspended. Flynn had been calling for Trump to declare martial law and use the military to hold onto power.

Twitter even suspended daffy Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who refuses to stop filing frivolous lawsuits alleging election fraud.

More members of Trump’s inner circle, including his children and Rudy Giuliani, could see their accounts suspended or banned next considering they could post messages on Trump’s behalf and have frequently incited violence themselves.

This all comes as House Democrats intend to vote on Articles of Impeachment on Monday. But at last, America no longer has to wake up and wonder what Trump has tweeted.

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