Now that his father has been permanently banned from Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. is having a full-scale meltdown, claiming that social media is engaging in censorship and “free speech is dead” in the United States.

First of all, how are Mao, Lenin, and Stalin smiling when they’re dead and rotting in the grave? And yes, the owners of a private media platform can indeed censor what appears on that platform. Apparently, Junior and his daddy didn’t bother to actually read the Twitter terms of service when they opened their accounts. It clearly states that if you violate those terms, you can indeed be booted and banned. No one has a “free speech” right to say whatever they want on a platform that belongs to someone else, as others were quick to remind Don Jr. They also sprinkled their remarks with plenty of mockery:

Hey, Junior: If you disagree with what Twitter did, why not delete your own account in protest? But you won’t, because you’re just a grifting little whiner who’s desperate for attention, exactly like your papa.

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